About us

Hi, I’m George. Together with my best friend Al, we’ve been playing Minecraft since the whole thing started back in 2009. Even after 11 years after the classic release, we still consider this game as one of the best video game creations of the century. 

When we saw the first reveal trailer of Minecraft Dungeons in 2018, we were super excited. Later, we tested the gameplay on E3 2019 and decided to create this fan website before the official launch of the game. 

Now the job is done and we’re ready to share everything we know about Minecraft Dungeons with you! On my-credit-karma.com, you will find all the latest facts, rumors, guides, and other fan-powered materials related to this gorgeous dungeon crawler. 

If you are a true fan of Minecraft Dungeons too and have something to contribute, don’t hesitate and get in touch as soon as possible!


Be free to write me to [email protected]

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